Malleo Sprint 50S3

Malleo Sprint 50S3

by Ottobock

Functional treatment of ligament ruptures
Serious ankle distortions
Chronic ankle joint instability


  • High degree of stabilization using special exterior plastic skeleton

  • Restricts eversion and inversion of the foot

  • No negative influence on plantar or dorsal flexion

  • Optimum fit

  • Breathable and regulates heat

  • The Malleo Sprint 50S3 is a new style of orthosis that has excellent biomechanical properties. It stabilizes the ankle with its special exterior plastic skeleton and strap guide and is indicated for ligament instabilities, post-operative (for ligament ruptures), and after serious ankle distortions. Eversion and inversion of the ankle joint are restricted without negatively affecting plantar and dorsal flexion of the foot.

  • Special characteristics: The special exoskeleton reinforcing elements are connected directly to the textile base material. Thanks to this construction the Malleo Sprint adapts superbly to the ankle's anatomical situation and, when properly applied and closed, provides targeted, stable support by restricting foot movement.

  • The mechanically stabilizing and neuromuscular effects of the Malleo Sprint ankle orthosis were compared to the standard orthosis Aircast, which is established on the market and was thoroughly tested beforehand. The tests show that the Malleo Sprint orthosis is identical to the standard orthosis with regard to the stabilization of the ankle, but demonstrates significantly greater subjective acceptance by the test subjects. The test subjects stated that the Malleo Sprint is significantly less restrictive when running and during reactive jumps.

  • Wearer comfort is optimally increased through the use of the special 3-D SpaceTex┬« fabric liner. The air-permeable SpaceTex┬« provides excellent cushioning as well as heat and humidity transfer away from the body.

Product Details:

Body Part
Gauntlet AFO

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
Combined Stability
Available in Custom

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