Mobility Saves

A major new study commissioned by the Amputee Coalition and conducted by Dr. Allen Dobson, health economist and former director of the Office of Research at CMS (then the Health Care Financing Administration) shows that the Medicare program pays more over the long-term in most cases when Medicare patients are not provided with replacement lower limbs, spinal orthotics, and hip/knee/ankle orthotics.

Lower extremity and spinal orthotic and prosthetic devices and related clinical services are designed to provide stability and mobility to patients with lower limb loss or impairment and spinal injury. Supplying bracing or support (an orthosis) where needed or a new artificial limb (prosthesis) when necessary saves our healthcare system significant future costs. Medicare’s own data shows this to be the case. Timely treatment that preserves or helps regain mobility not only makes sense; it also saves dollars.

Mobility Saves!

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